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India Lockdown - Our Business - What is next?

Opening a door to the future

We have to utilize the lockdown for a positive on our career.

As the lockdown continues, you will feel disconnected and irrelevant and reducing your workforce. Your most urgent need is to stay busy and get on with the work. Establish and follow an active routine to better manage time and get the results you want. Work hopefully and don't miss the daily team call. You can also conduct an online training program.

If the lockdown gets extended, then what will we do? we may have to plan 6 months to a year. First, we have to plan a strategy with our core team. Continuously monitor our customers, vendors, suppliers, etc... The business scenario may be changed. Because when we returned back, it may be very critical. But make sure to research our competitors.

During this lockdown period, we may spend more time planning and very less time to execute. But we should be traveling to our success. All planning may not correct, but we can realize what we did exactly to get what we seek.

Always you should think, what is the future of your company? Anyway, the disease will disappear within months. But we should be ready to fight the next months to get back more and more.

Now we are spending more time with family. This is the best time to seek ideas from the elders and from millennials especially. If you spend time with your children, you can realize that getting more trust in what you think. because children are very special as you all know. Use this time to connect with your friends also. It will also get new ideas.

There is nothing that cannot be achieved if you work towards the goal in front of you.

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