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creative advertising agency in kochi

In 2003, a group was initiated at Mumbai to cater advertising needs of the market. Primarily the group was focused on traditional advertising methods and positioned as “definition of advertising”. Later by 2013 the group was reconstructed to accommodate the emerging trends and developments in the marcomm field and Sequence Communications Private Limited formed.

Considering today’s market needs, we have positioned ourselves as 360 ° agency

creative branding agency kochi
Creative design agency

"We offer the complete array of communication solutions under one roof.
From market research to creative design, media planning to event design, brand identity to brand communication, a one-stop shop for all your branding & advertising needs."


Powerful creative ideas

Creativity is never an end in itself.
Its sole purpose is to realize our clients'
marketing objectives. Our most powerful
creative ideas always come from insights
based on a thorough understanding of
the context within which the idea needs
to operate. Our best creative ideas clearly
match marketing intent with consumer need.
We do this through a process we call "Creative Planning".

Work that works

We create propositions which
subsequently is developed into ads.
We then use focus groups, not to find
the best ad (although that may be a fortunate
by-product of the process) but to understand
what the real issues are that affect the situation
we are trying to influence.

Custom solutions

Integrating a brand successfully into the marketing
ecosystem requires a complete range of services.
Each challenge calls for a different mix of capabilities.
We believe that a full spectrum of support is important
to have available, as one marketing formula does not
work for all. All of our programs are custom-built.

advertising and branding agency

Our Team

Rajeev Rajan

Group Director
Archana Krishnakumar

Head Media Operation
Sreedevi Pillai

Head Finance
Eby Ommen

Head Digital
Sujith Kartha

Sr.Executive (Media Operation & Events)
Mithin Madhu

Our Services

  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Events Management
  • Public Relation
  • Corporate Gifting